What the Fork?

So, The Good Place is officially binge watch worthy.  I will be honest, when I first heard of this show premiering on NBC  I immediately thought it will not survive!  Shame on me for not giving this show a chance when it premiered. However, good thing I did not because I was able to binge watch.

The Good Place starting Kristen Bell as Eleanor is about a woman who wakes up dead in an afterlife paradise or “The Good Place”.   😇The Good Place is described as a place for those who have passed on and lived ethical/selfless life. Of course the first twist is Eleanor doesn’t belong in The Good Place because of her actions on Earth. She actually belongs in 😈 The Bad Place. When she realizes there has been a mistake and she has taken the place of someone who has actually earned their spot in The Good Place. Eleanor asks her “soul mate” Chidi for help. Eleanor and Chidi an ethical and morals professor try their hardest to reset Eleanor’s moral compass; to help her earn her stay.

I want to avoid a Spoiler Alert so I will say this: The Good Place is a comedy sitcom. So, grab a mimosa have a sit in your favorite chair or bed (no judgement) and binge watch this show that had a surprising TWO PART SEASON FINALE.

  • If you’re watching or have watched this show, let me know what you think.



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