LuLaRoe Maxi Skirt

Have you heard of this new fashion craze called LulaRoe?

Well, if you havent it’s the apparently the newest trend via facebook. Yes, you read it right FACEBOOK!

LuLaRoe is exclusively sold on Facebook!! LuLaRoe is sold with the connection of family and friends. (Basically word of mouth)

CARLEY – Yellow Dress

This Soical Media boutique mostly caters to women with the exceptions of their unisex tee “Randy“. Their men’s line called “Mark” & “Patrick”. LuLaRoe also has clothing options in Juniors.

Their infamous and funky design leggings are comfortably thick and stretchy. Made of polyester and spandex they are a must have! The leggings are available in two sizes OS (One Size) and TC (Tall & Curvy). They have various prints for their leggings and only $25.

LuLaRoe kids leggings

OTHER LuLaRoe clothing items for women include a “Cassie,” a soft and stretchy pencil skirt. “Irma,” a free-flowing top that’s perfect for wearing with leggings. “Amelia” a skater dress  with pockets, high neckline and knee-length hem. “Ana” a long stretchy fitted dress. “Azure” a flowy skirt. “Bianka“, “Joy“, are cardigans. 

FB_IMG_1494261752632 FB_IMG_1494261699676 FB_IMG_1494261661852 FB_IMG_1494261632070

LuLaRoe pieces are produced in limited prints, which creates the brand’s “unicorns.” In relation to a unicorn the pieces are unique and make it difficult to find Two of a Kind.

Clothing items for kids and teens include:

  • Kids leggings
  • MAE dress
  • Scarlett
  • Kids Azure
  • Adeline dress

FB_IMG_1494273367059 FB_IMG_1494273172930

FB_IMG_1494273254057 FB_IMG_1494273183286-1

In order to shop LulaRoe you must join their various Facebook groups.  Here are a list of groups worth joining:

  1. LuLaRoe GIGANTIC Multi Consultant Sale
  2. Unicorn Slayer – LLR Michelle Murphee
  3. The Urban Owl

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