Travel in Style

10 tips to Travel in Style

“It’s never to late to Fly”

10. Ladies & Gentlemen,

Always packed a pair of comfortably sexy shoes.

These shoes are light weight and perfect for a night out or day walking.

9. Don’t forget your hat!

Visors and Dad Hats.

8. New Swimsuit please!

Who could resist. New swimwear + pool or beach = Vacation sexy.

7. Dresses, Rompers and Jumpsuits Oh My!

Two of my favorite pieces of clothing to bring are dresses and jumpsuits.

6. SPF!

The most underrated item lotion.

5. Strike a pose!

Don’t forget your camera! Yes, capture moments in time to last a lifetime. No need to spend a fortune On simple point and shoot cameras we all have one in the palm of our hands.

4. Travel size hair

These products might be smaller in size but are packed with style. As a woman with natural hair I travel with conditioner to wash/co-wash and style with a leave-in conditiner.

3. Nice Bag!

Although we want to look good for our instagram story; berter to be safe then sorry. Here are some travel safe bags must haves.

2. So much shade.

Sometimes the sun is too much or sun glasses is another accessory you can’t travel without. Here are a few to choose from.

1. Have Fun! Have dinner with locals! Dance like you haven’t before! Live the life you love, Love the life you live.

🥂 Cheers !

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