Mimosas and maps

My name is Amber.  I am a Mother, Teacher and Traveler. I live in New York. I have a Masters Degree in Special Childhood Education and teach within the NYC Public Schools. 

May 16 is national Mimosa Day 🥂.  Cheers! To feeling the sunrise.

“Ki bèl pèi!”

is Kwéyòl for, “What a lovely country!” St. Lucia is home to The Piton Mountians located in Soufrière. St. Lucia is a vibrant blend of …


The Witches brew is your comfort away from home. Oddly enough it was once someone’s home. 

Mimosas and Maps was started as a way for me to document my adventures through life. I do not plan on quitting my 8-3 sometimes 3:30 job. Instead I want to show you how to live through it. Here you’ll find recipes to your new favorite Mimosa, Your new favorite destination for vacation, Your new favorite quirky mom tips, restaurant and eccentric lifestyle needs.

Paseo de Sombrillas

Paseo de sombrillas

Is an art installation located in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. This installation pays tribute to Puerto Rico's vibrant, fun and uniquely resilient culture.

Vatican City

Greetings from the smallest country in the world.

Crystals St.Lucia

"Is a one of a kind tree house property with a cluster of unique cottages and villas." With views of the piton mountains Crystal's is located in Soufrière, St. Lucia.

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