Contemplating on how I want to live recently, I became clear in the last few months that I needed to create more space in my life.

My life is full, which is a wonderful thing — I have lots of people in my life who care about me, want to spend time with me, want to work with me. Amazing!

And yet, it’s become clear to me that in order to show up fully for everyone I’m serving … I need to also have space to replenish. To fill up my tank.

So I set out to create that space.

Here’s how it looks for me at the moment:

  • I’m taking summers off (July & August): I had to realize working summers as a teacher is voluntary not mandatory.
  • I cleared Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays: Fridays are relaxing after work and binge watching a few episodes of my Netflix addiction. While rotating episodes of Blue’s Clue and Santiago of the Seas for my son. Saturdays are family day. Uninterrupted time spent with family. Sundays are cleaning day and self-care days.

What can you do I do?

Anything You feel like!

Here are some of my more common ways to use the space:

  • Rest
  • Head out to nature & spend some time in solitude
  • Listen to a podcast
  • Read with kids
  • Hang with wife/husband
  • Call mom, grandma or siblings to catch up
  • Read a book/ e-book or listen too an audio book
  • Reflect on bigger picture stuff
  • Take care of chores
  • Or do whatever work you feel like

I’ve found that this kind of space is incredibly nurturing, replenishing, life-giving. And so few of us take it for ourselves.

I know that not everyone has this kind of freedom, and I am grateful that I can do it. But I challenge you to see where you’re cutting this possibility off for yourself, and see if you could create it. It might take a few months to create, but if you stand for this possibility for yourself, you might surprise yourself.

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