Hey Loves,

Sorry for the hiatus but I am no longer a FIRST YEAR TEACHER ! ( although it’s my forth year as a teacher.)

What do I mean?

As a “FIRST YEAR TEACHER” in NYC you basically work towards getting Tenure.

The professional definition of Tenure for Teachers is – Under New York State law, appointed teachers achieve tenure after completing a probationary period (usually three years; after 2015-2016 school year it is now four years) and fulfilling all the requirements for the professional certificate. Having tenure means you may not be disciplined or terminated without due process.

In other words Teachers are no longer under the probation period and now have job security.

How to prepare your Tenure binder :

So, this may sound unrelated but trust me it’s probably the most important note to follow

  • Create a positive, friendly and professional rapport with your administration team.

My second note, will be to

  • SAVE your students work & take pictures. Yes, I know this sounds like a lot of work but trust me you will benefit in the end. As of July 1, 2015 the requirements for “First Year” teachers to receive Tenure went from three years to four years.

Now this third note might seem as if it is out of your control but to be honest it is not

  • Your teacher evaluations matter! the goal is to get 3’s (Effective) and 4’s (Highly Effective). (Didn’t hear this from me but a 2 is okay as long as you are showing improvement.) Do not be discouraged if you see a 2(Developing), it means you can only increase your chances of becoming better and getting a 3 or 4.

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