Hey Loves,

As you have read About Me, I am a Pescaterian. I am slowly moving from being a Pescaterian to a Vegetarian. Fortunately enough this transition has not been as difficult when eating out. Living in NY there are many Vegetarian friendly restaurants. Which brings me to The Witches Brew.

The Witches Brew is as unique as the name. The Witches Brew is an old house turned coffee shop. This is not Starbucks; this is way better. If you are a coffee or tea lover The Witches Brew is your safe haven.

They have two menus. One is designated for tea, coffee and dessert. Another menu for appetizers, main course and sides.

The decor in The Witches Brew is what I call Vintage Antique Chic.

The food is deliecious! VEGANS & NON-VEGANS will enjoy every bite to their meal.

The Witches Brew is located at

311 Hempstead Turnpike, West Hempstead, NY 11552.

Let me know when you visit.


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